Sunday, June 12, 2011

Toffee apple cake or toffee cake apple ?

From the humble apple cake i dressed it up to like so :

I started by peeling some apples, kept the skins, and tried to put them in a cupcake pan. (sometimes what you imagine would happen and what actually happens are two very different things ... all in the spirit of experimentation) :D

Then i fill the applecake batter and apple chunks into the batter . After baking and chilling I removed the cupcake wrappers. Then made a batch of toffee. I then stuck biscuit sticks into the cupcakes and dipped the cake into the toffee. Trying to make them look a bit like toffee apples.

I then drizzled some of the toffee over the rest of the cake which i filled with a whipped sour cream frosting and a layer of caramelised apple chunks:

It was eaten much faster than I could get a decent shot of the insides. :)

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