Monday, June 6, 2011

Peach cheese sponge

This is definitely and interesting combination. Firstly I baked a spongecake or tortenboden ( when i was given this recipe I was told that i could put anything on top of it ). Next i used a chilled cheesecake recipe ( i used one from Joy of Baking) but altered it a bit .

Cheesecake recipe

250g cream cheese
2 tbs honey
250ml thickened/whipping cream
1 large can of peaches
1tsp vanilla


1. Beat cream cheese until soft
2. Put honey in and continue beating until combined. Do the same with the vanilla
3. separately beat whipping cream
4. slowly add cream to cheese mixture until combined
5. Cut up some peaches into smaller cubes and fold it into the mixture. Leave enough peaces for the decoration on top .
6. Pour mixture onto the sponge base and chill

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