Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Macarons Revisited

Macarons in humid weather are not a good combination.I have not attempted the italian meringue method yet primarily because I have not been successful with Macarons that use more than 1 egg white :D It is time i stepped up my "game" ... FINALLY

For this batch here is what i did

Ingredients for Macaron shells:

3 egg whites (~ 100g )
125g almond meal
100g powdered sugar

Method : ( more like what i did )
1. Aged egg whites for about 7 days ( they just happened to be there for that long)
2. dry egg whites and almond meal in oven for about 1 hour with 40C heat
3. sifted the almond meal once
4. placed the "unsiftable" almond meal into a spice blender with about the same amount of powdered sugar to grind. (After sifting the almond meal I had about 4 tablespoons or so left of coarse almond meal so i put in about 4 T of powdered sugar).
5. after grinding the almond meal i sifted all the almond meal and more of the powdered sugar again.
6. beat the eggwhites until softpeaks form then added in slowly the powdered sugar and continue beating (added a bit of clour at this stage to the meringue as well) At this stage you probably wont get stiff peaks but easier to work with meringue.
7. slowly fold in the almond meal and powdered sugar mixture . I got it to a state where it would spread a bit but not too runny .
8. leave to dry for about 1 hour (tricky in humid weather could have put it in the oven at 40C but didn't bother)
9. bake for 20mins at 140C.
10. Some of my shells didnt come off immediately so i put them back int he oven at 70C for a while 20 -30 minutes and tried to remove them again . It worked.
11. I filled the shells with cream cheese... :)

This is the first time I have tried making them this way. I will have to verify the method again to see if it was really just LUCK

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