Monday, May 23, 2011

Disaster in the kitchen

I am not delusional in thinking that I bake without disaster. I have had my fair share of uncooked cakes, wrecked decoration, botched up icing and much more. The first time i attempted carving a cake and covering it with fondant was pretty much a disaster . I warned everyone not to take a picture in case it ended up on ( I do enjoy that site tho :D) I guess you have to fail to learn and PERSEVERE ...

My latest disaster. While I was attempting Macarons with a larger amount of eggwhites ( three eggwhites usually i work with one) i did not account for the spread after i piped them as my previous batches hardly spread as much . On top of that it wasn't in the oven for long enough so it stuck to the parchment paper(not to mention the humidity that day was 100%) . I put it back into the oven again at a lower heat and i was then able to remove the shells from the parchment paper.

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